Does “Body By Vi”

Diet Experts Reveal Surprising Data
About This Revolutionary Weight Loss Program


If you’re looking for a healthy way toLOSE WEIGHT FAST,
then you should take a serious look at the astonishing results you could get from experiencing the“Body By Vi” Challenge.

Statistics gathered from more than 10 years of worldwide hands-on usage show how The Vi  Challenge can completely transform your body, your life, and your outlook for the future – in just a few months!

For instance, 3 million people have lost a minimum of TEN POUNDS of body fat in their first 30 DAYS on The Challenge.

It’s not unrealistic to expect the same results when you try Vi.

Many people have not only lost excess body fat, but they also added lean, rock-hard muscle to their chests, arms, and shoulders – for that fit, athletic look everyone finds so attractive.

The Secret is in the Ingredients

If you’ve tried dieting before but failed, you need to give Body By Vi a try.

Unlike other “fad” diets where you lose weight and then it comes right back on, Body By Vi helps you lose weight and KEEP it off!

Best of all, it helps you FEEL GOOD at the same time!

That’s because Vi helps you get over your hunger and food cravings.

The key difference? The INGREDIENTS in Body By Vi meal-replacement foods.

Starting with the delicious shakes, you automatically lose weight because it keeps your calorie intake to the level required for real weight loss results.

Nutritionally speaking, The Vi Challenge is like giving your body every nutrient it needs all at once. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids, pre-biotics and pro-biotics all work together to keep your body in “top fuel” condition while restricting the amount of calories you consume each day.

Combined with healthy exercise, you will lose at least TEN POUNDS in the first 30 days.

Then another TEN POUNDS in the second 30 days (2nd month).

And by the third month, expect to drop another TEN POUNDS!

That means, in 90 days, you could lose 30 POUNDS with The Challenge.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

We know you’re skeptical. But take a few minutes to watch the videos here on this website – and listen to the real-life stories from people just like you who were also very skeptical at first.

These folks gave Body By Vi an honest try. And you can see for yourself the amazing before-and-after transformations they achieved!



What’s the Secret?

Even though Vi has all the right nutritional ingredients to make a healthy meal-replacement product, the “secret” is that it simply TASTES GREAT!

The most common remark?

“It Tastes Just Like CAKE!”

Yes, taste is important when it comes to the meal-replacement program you’ll be “living on” for 30, 60, or 90 days.

If the product doesn’t taste good, you won’t keep using it.

But Body By Vi tastes AMAZING. Even kids say…

“Tastes Like Cake Mix!”  

When you’re baking a cake, who doesn’t love the taste of creamy, sweet, smooth cake mix when you’re licking the spatula or the blender blades?

That taste is irresistible.

And so is The Vi Challenge.

From our shakes to our protein bars to our energy drinks, you’ll find that you get “hooked” on these products – not turned off by them!

Other long-term meal-replacement products can’t make such a boast. People who have tried other products say they’re “chalky” or “bland” or downright disgusting!

The Vi Challenge did put a ton of research into coming up with just the right formula and recipe for the world’s tastiest – and yet MOST EFFECTIVE – weight-loss program on the market today.

Remarkably, Body By Vi is able to achieve this result…

Without Sugar!

The unique ingredients in Body By Vi are safe, too. No stimulants. No caffeine. No aspartame. And NO isoflavones!

That means there are NO HARMFUL SIDE-EFFECTS like you can get with other products (constipation, bloating, diarrhea, etc.)

Even diabetic patients can safely use Body By Vi as directed.

In fact, folks with health problems report their “numbers” IMPROVED when they went on the Vi Challenge program. Lower cholesterol… healthy blood pressure… lower triglycerides… you name it!

The healthy ingredients in Body By Vi can help MAKE YOU HEALTHY while getting you THIN!

2 Shakes a Day,
And the Weight FALLS OFF!

We’re not exaggerating when we say all you need is two shakes a day.

These replace two meals. And then you eat regular healthy food (fruits and vegetables) for your one “normal” meal of the day.

In between, feel free to snack on the Vi-Bites, Vi-Cookies, Vi Nutribar, which also gives you added nutritional value while curbing your hunger and cravings for sweets.

The unique protein used in Vi products help you burn fat AND build lean muscle tissue AT THE SAME TIME.

That combination is…

The Key to Rapid, Healthy Results!

When your friends start to notice – around the end of the first month – be sure to tell them how you’re losing weight so easily. And affordably! (Vi-Shape Shakes are less than $2 each!)

When your friends tell you THEY want to try The Challenge, you have an opportunity to MAKE MONEY working from home, WIN PRIZES,  because of our unique marketing plan that also enable you and them to get FREE Energy Drinks, FREE SUPPLEMENTS and essentially get FREE PROTEIN POWDER via our Vi-Shape Shake Mix for all your health and fitness goals whether it be LOSE WEIGHT FAST, achieving your dream BEACHBODY, Anti Aging Nutrients, or you want to BULK UP and get JACKED for Sports, Spring Break, Summer Vacation there are VI Challenge KITS for every Lifestyle Or Health & Fitness Goals

You see, we believe the best “sales” person is someone who has LOST WEIGHT FAST using Body By Vi

You’ll be a living, breathing, walking Vi Results on how effective THE VI CHALLENGE really is.

And what better way to help friends, family & co workers than to sign them up as a fellow Vi customer to help you achieve the Vi 3 For FREE helping you get FREE SUPPLEMENTS FREE PROTEIN POWDER and FREE ENERGY DRINKS

When you do, you earn money. And points toward winning GREAT PRIZES – like a dream tropical vacation… or even $5,000 in CASH!

 Vi is a worldwide phenomenon. It has already attracted over 3 million users.

Now YOU Can Be the Next Success Story!

Regardless of how much weight you need to lose or your health & fitness goals, if you complete THE CHALLENGE, you’re a WINNER!

You will have lost at least 30 pounds. That’s very realistic. And still healthy, too!

Losing excess weight automatically means you’ll be in better health. But Body By Vi gets you there with a healthy nutritional program BUILT-IN!

And, as part of our incentive program, you can even…


Accumulating points means you’re “earning” FREE products as long as you and your 3 friends stay on the program.

Some people get their products for free, starting in just the second month!

So there’s no reason not to try The Vi Challenge

You’re protected by a special 90-Day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE… because if you use the products and don’t see the results you want…


 Vi is committed to your success.

Your weight loss and fitness goals are important to us.

That’s why we encourage you to get involved with others who are on the same program at the same time.

You’ll be encouraged… enthusiastic… and energetic – just by seeing the progress others are making on Body By Vi!

You have nothing but all that fat to lose. And a lifetime of happiness to gain.

Why not give Body By Vi an honest try TODAY?

All you have to do is click the button below and we’ll help you get started.

We’re with you every step of the way. This isn’t like mail-order. This is a PEOPLE business, and we’re here to make sure you become a WINNER in the Body By Vi Challenge!

Click here or hit the button below to order your first Challenge Kit.

The time to start is RIGHT NOW!


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