A Introduction to what the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Is

 Slim Down Your Figure and Food Budget With the BODY BY VI 90 DAY CHALLENGE
Do you love the idea of a 90 DAY CHALLENGE or does the idea make you cringe. Often times I have struggled with new "habits" or routines for 2-3 weeks and then it completely falls apart. Back at square one for me. It's totally frustrating and feels like driving your car with one foot constantly on the brake.

Then there are other times when life makes things a little bit easier, but we can't always wait around for circumstances to change. I'm a firm believer that there's only a certain amount of time to do things.
Anyhow. With that in mind you are probably here wondering if the BODY BY VI 90 DAY CHALLENGE is for you. One of the things that always comes up for people is money, and that makes total sense especially with the economy.
So think about this, what does not being in shape cost you in terms of living a full life? How does not being healthy effect your day to day living in terms of focus, feeling energetic, and enthusiastic. Now think about how much it costs you to feed yourself.

It adds up even if you are brown bagging it. I would say it easily costs $10 per day, then add in the coffee, Redbull or soft drink. Now we are talking $10 plus and this doesn't include eating out or impulse buys.
Now while you're on the BODY BY VI 90 DAY CHALLENGE, you will be replacing those expensive meals that often times aren't too good anyway. And speaking of eating healthy good food, that gets super expensive. So now you get the best of both worlds. Expert nutrition, already done for you at a significant cost savings. You can get your cost per meal down to $3 or less, so multiply that out over a month and the 90 DAY CHALLENGE pays for itself.
Not only is it easier to consume since there's no cooking and washing dishes, but it's easier to stay on. Anyone can start something but not everyone can finish what they start. Diets are so easy to lose track of. Next thing you know you're out with friends or at a company outing. You're hungry and as appetizers get passed around you devour them thinking you will start again tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.
By having a handy meal replacement shake on hand you get a quick healthy meal in before you go to happy hour where it's easy to binge on junk food.

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