A look at some of the Body By Vi Reviews

There is a number of Body By Vi Reviews that describe it as a meal replacement option. It is said to be composed of soy and two other forms of whey protein. According to its makers and Body By Vi reviews, it is a low sugar, low fat, low carbohydrate, and low-calorie option. Its makers describe it as a product that tastes more like cake. Many hail it as the best weight loss solution for vegetarians and one that promotes a healthy heart. Although it uses soy, it’s said to be GMO-free. The company says Body By Vi shake mix is a nutritious and well-rounded replacement for meals. Some Body By Vi Reviews is the best overall when it comes to weight loss shakes.
Trouble losing weight
Some of the Body By Vi Reviews in Amazon seem to give it a thumbs up as well. One reviewer describes how they replaced two of their daily meals with a shake made of Body By Vi and got the best results. They say that after only two and a half months, they had lost more than 50 pounds in weight. The shake mix replacement for meals helped them figure out the effect of some foods on their body. One of the reasons why they were able to cut their weight is that they were eating more fruits than ever before. It might surprise you that this particular reviewer was able to embark on a healthy diet and exercise regime afterward.

Other users of Body ByVi Shake Mixhave recorded their experience with the product in videos that are visible on the company’s website. Most of the Body ByVi Reviewsappearing in video form is positive. Many of those who have used the product seem to recommend it to others who are having trouble losing weight. They say replacing meals with fruit shake is the best thing that happened to them.

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However not all the availableBody By Vi Reviews are positive. There are those who feel that not enough scientific information is provided on exactly how the product works. One of those reviewers is of the view that the company doesn’t have a good understanding of nutritional science. This might sound very harsh but the criticism stems from the fact that no scientific benefits of the shake mix are given by the company. Even the ‘white paper’ doesn’t say anything about the scientific benefits of the ingredients used. Instead, the information provided seems to be too general or outright irrelevant to weight loss.
Body By Vi hugely relies on multi-level marketing. This has been taken by some of the  reviews as the main source of criticism. Those users who are able to convince two others to take up the product get a free supply of the shake mix for a month. The Regional Directors which is the second lowest level earn a $600 Per Month ViSalus BMW Bonus.

Body By Vi Testimonial And A Doctors Review Of ViSalus 90 Day Challenge

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